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Expanded Metal Lath

Release Date: 2018-01-12
Metal Lath is available in expanded metal lath, self-furred, paper-backed, flat-ribbed, diamond mesh and high ribbed lath. Our metal lath is mainly manufactured from hot dipped galvanized expanded steel sheets.

small mesh metal lath is ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of construction-walls, ceilings, ad fireproofing of steel beams ad columns. It is easy to cut and form to ornamental plaster work.

Sizes and types available: The expanded metal lath is available in 1.75, 2.5, and 3.4 pounds per square yard. All expanded metal laths are available in either flat, self-furred (dimpled of grooved), or in combination with paper-backing with D, Double-D, or K paper.

Benefits of Using Expanded Metal Lath:

Stronger finished sheet products with lighter weight;

Suitable for decoration due to the variety of pattern types;

Versatile metal mesh allows light, heat and air through, while retaining its strength forming a very strong barrier for security purposes.

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